Laptop Bags Review

The purchase of a laptop computer usually represents a significant investment, so keeping your new device safe, sound and scratch-free is going to be a priority. A laptop bag can protect your computer when you take it with you to work, school or anywhere else. With so many attractive options, one of them is bound to address your specific set of needs. There are basically 10 categories of laptop bags – backpack, rugged, wheeled, oversized, sleeve, briefcase, women’s, men’s, messenger and checkpoint-friendly.

Laptop Bags: What to Look For

On the most basic level, the best laptop cases protect your computer and make it easier to transport, but most products we looked at can do much more than that. The best laptop bags should be able to help you organize all the things that you use in concert with your laptop as well as reflect your personal style.

Regardless of the category, you should be able to expect features and tools from a laptop bag that make it worth the investment. You could always carry your computer in a normal backpack or briefcase so we looked for products that make buying a specific bag worth it. Here are some of the features we looked for as we evaluated laptop bags:

You may or may not have the type of job where you run the risk of dropping your laptop into a river, but every computer needs some protection – from kids, from falls, from everyday life – so we wanted to find laptop bags that protect your investment with padding, straps and other features.

The best home away from home for your computer is constructed of high quality materials that are appropriate for the category. For instance, on the wheeled laptop bags we looked for heavy-duty wheels, and on rugged bags we looked for shock-absorbing materials that can really take some abuse.

The corporate executive probably will not opt for the Hello Kitty laptop case and the average college student will probably choose the canvas backpack over the leather briefcase with laptop compartment. While there is no one style that fits all, your style sends a message about who you are, and we like the bags that make at least some sort of statement. We highlighted the laptop bags with the most standout style for each category.

Ease of Use
Creature comforts like pockets of various sizes, padded and removable shoulder straps and built-in pen holders can really add to a laptop case’s usefulness. We looked for bags in each category that offer features we think would improve your overall experience.

You likely spent hours researching your laptop choice and it will be worth it to spend at least a few minutes picking out the right piece of luggage for transporting and protecting it. Take a look at our list and decide what might be a good fit for your computer and your life.